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Covellite Holistics is an enterprise of like-minded individuals who are self employed in this collaborative environment to bring you exemplary holistic services. We offer therapeutic massage, health assessments and self-care recommendations, cupping, ionic footbaths, and far infra-red sauna treatments. We carry the full line of Hammer Nutrition products as well as other top tier nutritional supplements, available for your convenience as in-office purchases.

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The owner of Covellite Holistics, LLC sharing her philosophy on massage therapy at its core and what she believes it can mean to you.


Sir Thomas Bandito of the Tuthill Clan

His friends call him 'Bandit'. He will give you a very enthusiastic greeting. If you didn't know any better, he might actually convince you he means business with that ferocious bark. But note the tale-wagging that matches his intensity. Reach to pat him, and you will see how skittish he actually is as he backs away. Avoid eye contact and he will check you out thoroughly and calmly. Offer him a treat from the jar on the counter and he will eagerly sit, gently take it from you, and forget about that two seconds later. :-)

Hailing from the great state of Texas, Bandit joined our team in September 2018. He is all of 10 lbs and a combination of Chihuahua, Miniature Pincher, Miniature Australian Shepherd, and Rat Terrier. We are not sure what he went through at his first home. But we suspect he was overlooked and overwhelmed in his previous environment. Bandit has come a long way since he first arrived. Admittedly, he is a work in progress ....but aren't we all?


Terri Tuttle, LMT #5020M

Terri received her training in massage therapy at Seacoast Career Schools in Manchester, NH. She offers several types of therapeutic massage including: Deep tissue, Trigger point, Myofascial facilitation, Acupressure/Reflex points, Passive/assisted joint mobilization, Lymphatic facilitation, and Full-body Swedish/relaxation massage.

Terri utilizes a unique combination of modalities that is tailored for each individual session to address what is going on with you at any given point. You can also make specific requests for the modalities used. However, if you are new to massage and unsure of the differences, please rest assured that Terri will take the time to listen to your concerns. She is always eager to provide explanations about technique, the benefits of massage, and offer suggestions for self-care that can enhance and prolong the benefits of each massage session.


Kim Ward, LMT #3869M

Kim studied therapeutic massage at Seacoast Career Schools in Manchester, NH and has been practicing massage therapy in Amherst, NH since 2012.

Kim offers several types of massage, including, but not limited to: Swedish, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Sports, Couples, and Pregnancy.